Jaime Llorca S.A. activity begins with the selection, origin, fish caught in the main fishing grounds, continuing with the import and deep-freezing of the product, and subsequently their final marketing in different markets.

The major revolution marked the company’s initiative to replace the extractive activity by trade, was consolidated today, adding another ultrancogelados range of products including meat tuna and all kinds, vegetables, precooked, chilled, cheeses, sausages etc … and a “dry line” that includes canned and other food preparations.

From its headquarters in Las Palmas, SA JAIME Llorca has an effective net purchase throughout the world, the result of years of work in search of suitable producers.

Major alliances LLORCA JAIME SA has established worldwide guarantee the quality, availability and competitive price of its products, making the company a leader in the sector.

The import of seafood comes mainly from South and Central America, North and East Africa and Asia. The main places of origin of imports of meat products are: Europe and South America.

JAIME LLORCA SA exports its products throughout Mediterranean Europe, Korea and Japan from its headquarters in Gran Canaria and its delegations in the peninsula.

The local distribution market for the Canary Islands, is mainly in the hospitality industry, department stores and food retailers, completing the service with a smaller store, where we offer the public our products, especially packaged with own brands, under the name Jaime Llorca SA and Cuztamar.

The commercial activity JAIME LLORCA SA is secured by a large infrastructure that ensures the success of the work done.

The offices are located in Las Palmas and the delegation of Seville makes bridge to the Iberian Peninsula and the rest of Europe.

JAIME LLORCA SA has spread in the Canary Islands Modern refrigerators, dry storage, fish processing room, retail store and land transport fleet refrigerator.